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4 New Years Resolutions That Will Make Your Smile Healthier in 2013

The New Year has arrived.But it’s not too late to add a few more resolutions to your list. The Dental Spot would like to suggestincludingNew Years resolutions that promote healthy teeth and gums for years to come. Having healthy teeth and gums plays a vital role in living an overall healthy lifestyle.Oral health diseasehasbeen linked […]

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10 Tips To Keeping Your Teeth Whiter and Healthier

At The Dental Spot, patients are always asking our dental staff how they can keep their teeth healthier and whiter without having to spend a lot of money on treatments. There are a number of things you can do to promote healthy teeth and gums right at home that are easy and inexpensive. Here are […]

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Top 5 Family-Friendly Things to do in Redondo Beach

Here at The Dental Spot, we feel pretty lucky to be able to be living in beautiful Redondo Beach, California. Whether you are new to the area, or you’ve lived here all your life, we thought it’d be fun to share some of our staff’s top 5 family-friendly things to do in Redondo Beach. Talk […]