Meet Our Distinguished Dental Team

Introducing Our Award-Winning Dental Team:

  • Dr. Nicholas Matthews
  • Dr. Christine Matthews
  • Dr. Lindsay Leland
  • Dr. Patricia Huh

Elevating Dentistry Through Technology & Care

Dr. Nicholas Matthews: Commitment to Excellence in Dentistry

In the realm of dental excellence, Dr. Nicholas Matthews stands as a beacon of unwavering dedication. A recipient of the prestigious American Academy of Oral Surgery Award, Dr. Matthews’s surgical mastery is more than a testament to his commitment to perfection – it is a reflection of his steadfast devotion to patient well-being. As an ardent champion of patient care advancement through technology, he ensures only the best materials and procedures are employed in the service of his patients. A mentor in CEREC technology, Dr. Matthews combines technical expertise and passion to provide exceptional care for every patient who walks through the doors of The Dental Spot.

Those patients, who return to see Dr. Matthews year after year, can attest to the fact that he puts his heart into everything he does. His professional duty goes beyond the technical aspects of dentistry; it encompasses a deep and abiding concern for the physical and emotional comfort of those he treats. Each procedure is performed with the utmost care and precision, and every choice of material is made with the patient’s long-term health in mind. He is dedicated not only to the practice of dentistry, but to the art of healing and enhancing lives.

Dr. Christine Matthews: A Paragon of Esthetics

Dr. Christine N. Matthews, a distinguished member of our team, proudly holds the American Academy of Esthetic Award, a recognition of her staunch devotion to the art of esthetic dentistry. Her journey in the field of esthetic dentistry has been further enriched by the remarkable advancements brought about by CEREC technology, which has undeniably elevated the standards of esthetic dentistry.

Her accolades, among them the Russell W. Bunting Periodontal Society Award and recognition for Excellence with the Bunting Study Award, emphasize her exceptional contributions to the field. Dr. Matthews has mastered the nuances of esthetics while harnessing the potential of CEREC technology to craft smiles that are both aesthetically pleasing and functionally exceptional. She uses this innovative dental technology, a proven and advantageous tool, to create masterful esthetic outcomes for her patients. Dr. Matthews’s lifelong commitment to excellence in esthetic dentistry and her remarkable achievements have set new benchmarks in the pursuit of dental beauty and function.

Dr. Lindsay Leland: An Authority in CEREC Technology

Dr. Lindsay Leland, with over 14 years of dedication, has emerged as a leading authority in CEREC technology, revolutionizing the field of dental care. Her skill is defined by unparalleled precision and innovative techniques. Dr. Leland’s unwavering commitment to providing state-of-the-art solutions has earned her a respected position within the dental community, and her expertise extends beyond technology to encompass the intricacies of minimally invasive adhesive dentistry, where her mastery shines.

In her leisure time, pickleball is a great love that brings balance to her life. Just as in her profession, she approaches the court with precision and a spirit of enjoyment. This is a reflection of her commitment to overall health and happiness, which she extends to both patients and personal pursuits.

The Remarkable Advancement of Dentistry through CEREC

The introduction of CEREC technology has revolutionized the process of crafting dental restorations, enabling dental professionals to deliver esthetic perfection with unparalleled precision. This cutting-edge technology has elevated the standards of esthetic dentistry by allowing for same-day restorations that maintain the natural harmony of one’s smile. CEREC technology, with its accuracy and efficiency, represents a remarkable advancement in the world of dentistry. It stands as a catalyst for progress, particularly in the realm of esthetic dentistry.

Dr. Matthews’s mastery in executing CEREC technology and Dr. Leland’s authority in its application have ushered in an era where the art of esthetic dentistry and the precision of technology meet seamlessly. Their patients benefit from this harmonious blend, experiencing results that are not only visually pleasing, but also built to withstand the test of time.

Under the expert guidance of our team of Redondo Beach dentists, The Dental Spot proudly offers CEREC technology, where artistry and innovation converge to set new standards in the pursuit of esthetic excellence.

Our Commitment to Quality Care

Prioritizing Quality Care

At The Dental Spot, our staunch commitment to quality care is reflected in every aspect of our practice. We exclusively employ the finest materials, ensuring that each restoration is crafted with precision and dedication. Our results – the creation of beautiful, healthy and long-lasting smiles – embody this devotion to your oral health.

Building Trust as Our Cornerstone

Trust is the Cornerstone of Our Practice

We feel privileged to be entrusted with your dental care. The smiles of our patients mirror the trust they place in us, which we hold sacred. Our practice is defined by the enduring bonds we create with our patients, characterized by trust, respect, and the pursuit of excellence.

Advocates for Community Health

Our commitment extends beyond the walls of our clinic; we are regular advocates for the overall health of our community. We fervently believe that a healthier community is a happier one. To this end, our team of Redondo Beach dentists actively engages in the education and promotion of oral health awareness.

Experience the Distinction at The Dental Spot

Discover the Distinctive Experience at The Dental Spot

We would like to invite you to join us for a new standard of dental care. Our commitment to excellence, precision, and innovation is the hallmark of The Dental Spot. Schedule your appointment today with one of our distinguished Redondo Beach dentists.

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